The S&P 500 Looks Top-Heavy


What Women Physicians Fear About Retirement

According to a national study entitled ”Issues Faced By Senior Women Physicians” in the Journal of Women’s Health, women physicians considering retirement face unique challenges not faced by their male colleagues. Let’s start by taking a look at how financially prepared women physicians are for retirement.   Three in four respondents reported being financially well prepared for retirement…. Read more »

How The Pandemic Will Shape The Future Of Senior Living

COVID-19 has changed the way we work, learn, and interact with others. Our “new normal” includes mask wearing and social distancing, which are our only options to limit the spread of the virus until we can distribute an effective vaccine. The temporary restrictions placed in our lives, while frustrating, do come with an upside: technological advances (and more importantly,… Read more »

What To Do When Interest Rates Are Near-Zero And You Need Income

If the Financial Crisis ushered in the era of “ultra-low” interest rates, the current pandemic took it a step further to bring about “near-zero” interest rates.  Forget about earning a decent return on bonds. 10-year Treasury bonds currently yield just 0.85% and investment-grade corporate bonds pay just 1.75%. Short-term bonds and cash pay next to… Read more »