What is Your “Return on Life™”?


A Holiday Family Meeting Can Ring in a Productive New Year

The holiday season might not seem like an ideal time to have a serious conversation with your immediate family.  All that shopping, decorating, cooking, and celebrating can be time-consuming and stressful enough.  But if you’re nearing retirement age and your children are becoming more independent, the holidays might be your best shot at getting everyone… Read more »

Improve Your Relationship with Money by Answering These 5 Questions

Many people have a complicated relationship with money.   Hang-ups carried over from childhood experiences get mixed together with positive and negative experiences from adulthood.  Few people ever take the time to reflect on what money really means to them and how they can “get right” with money to make smarter decisions. Take time to answer… Read more »

Giving: How To Do The Most Good Without Disrupting Your Financial Plan

Many studies have shown that charitable giving provides greater happiness than buying more stuff. Eventually, you get used to your fancy new car, and the enjoyment it provides goes down.  But giving forges feelings of connected-ness and community that don’t fade away. Incorporating charitable giving into your financial plan is a great way to make… Read more »