It’s Time To Start Envisioning Your Retirement

Often times our identity is so tangled up in what we do for a living that it’s difficult to imagine doing anything else. While some retirees may enjoy an empty schedule, you may be worried that you will fall into a trap of never ending boredom.


  1. What does my ideal week look like?


Start by taking a calendar and dividing the days into three parts: Morning, Afternoon, and Night. Next, put at least one activity in each section on each day, even simple activities such as a morning walk. Block out time for a Sunday morning golf round with friends, or cooking dinner with your spouse on Wednesday. Before you know it your schedule may be full. By being intentional with your schedule, you are more likely to be active in retirement.


  1. What have I noticed about other retirees?


The classic image of retirement leads us to believe that all that is left is playing golf and going on beach vacations. While these activities are enjoyable, when there is nothing to do but have fun, it isn’t that fun anymore! What have you noticed about friends or family that have retired?


Take a piece of paper and divide it in half. On one side write down things you’ve seen from those who have been successful at retirement.  How do they spend their time? Do they continue to engage in activities that give them purpose? Did they relocate or remain near family?


On the other side, jot down things you’ve noticed from those who have had a hard time adjusting to retirement. Do they seem bored? Unconnected? When you’re done you may have some insight into healthy behaviors you want to incorporate in your own retirement, as well as some pitfalls to avoid.


  1. What do I truly value?


Those who love their jobs, don’t necessarily love working. They love the way their jobs allow them to use their skills and give them an opportunity to express themselves. The hard work they put in also gives them a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. Spend some time thinking about ways your career has brought purpose to your life. Make a list of these items and include people you want to spend with in retirement. Looking over the list may allow you to make some connections that could lead to new endeavors you may want to explore in retirement.


If you are ready to go deeper into these topics and important questions, make an appointment to get started working with our specialized retirement coaching program!


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