The Benefits Of A Phased Retirement

During your work life you exchange your time and energy for money in order to support your lifestyle.  As you approach retirement, it’s important to strike a balance between having means, and having meaning in your life.


While you may think you’re going to live forever that certainly is not the case. Does it make sense to chase a random savings number while working a job that’s no longer enjoyable or interesting? Is spending your time building your wealth the best use of your time? Have the means become the end for you?


Phasing into retirement is a way to buy yourself time, without giving up on work that still provides meaning. Once you reach a point where there is no longer a financial incentive to work, you can spend your time on activities that are engaging and allow for creativity. A phased retirement allows you to free up time to pursue other interests by casting off duties in your job that no longer interest you.


Why retire from the work you still enjoy? Instead of living a life of binging (all work and no play to all play and no work), strive toward finding a happy medium in retirement. When all you have to do is play, it isn’t as fun anymore!

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