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Not only is retirement an outdated concept, it’s also an artificial finish line. We truly believe that “age is just a number” and that reaching a certain age does not determine the lifestyle you should lead.


Why retire from the work you still enjoy? Instead of living a life of binging (all work and no play to all play and no work), strive toward finding a happy medium in retirement. When all you have to do is play, it isn’t as fun anymore!


The key to successful aging is maintaining purpose. Studies have shown that working an additional year before retirement can increase life expectancy by up to 11%. Having a purpose is more important than having money. Trends have shown that nearly 1/3rd of retirees who make the initial decision to quit working, will end up returning to work during retirement.


Work doesn’t mean sitting in the office anymore. Technology has allowed many people to work from anywhere, making the balance between vocation and vacation easier than ever. Employers are finding that the business model of having all employees in a centralized location, doesn’t necessarily lead to better results. Applications such as Zoom, Slack and Docusign allow team members to be connected regardless of their physical location.


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Ogorek Wealth Management, LLC

Ogorek Wealth Management, LLC