Improve Mindfulness for ROL

Many of the thoughts that run through our heads at any given moment have nothing to do with the moment. We might be stuck in a “doom loop,” worrying about things that may or may not happen. We might be stuck in the past, turning over long-gone decisions or memories of old wins and losses. Or we might be so distracted by the media bombarding our screens that our own thoughts and feelings get pushed to the side.  


Try one of these strategies for incorporating mindfulness into your day. You might feel more present and experience more Return on Life.  


  1. Find calm during your morning or nighttime routine. 


Starting the day with prayer, meditation, or deep breathing exercises can clear your head and put you in touch with how you feel. Use that quiet space to set your intentions for the day or reflect on everything that you have to be grateful for. Adding some of these same practices to your bedtime routine can help you get better rest and hit the ground running tomorrow. Unplug your phone and any other devices that monopolize your attention at least an hour before bed so that you can power down too. Keeping a diary or gratitude journal could help you be more intentional about your mindfulness and end your day on a positive, restful note.  


  1. Turn down the volume when you exercise. 


Just making time for a workout can be a major daily struggle. Once you get to the gym or your favorite stretch of pavement, are you adding to your physical stress by reading work reports on the treadmill or trying to catch up on your backlog of podcasts and audiobooks? Quieting a few of your weekly workouts might help you to focus more on what your body is feeling and what kinds of exercise you might benefit from. You might also feel more attuned to your personal fitness goals and appreciative of the progress you’re making towards them.  


  1. Appreciate every bite. 


Taste, texture, aroma, temperature, freshness, creativity. These are all food qualities you might rarely have time to appreciate if you’re always eating on the go. No matter how busy your schedule is, you can almost certainly make one of your three meals of the day a real meal that you can sit down and savor. Even better, plan a couple weekly meals that you and your family can shop for and prepare together. Ban all cellphones from the dining room and enjoy good food and good company with the people who matter the most.  


  1. Work with purpose. 


Very few people love everything about their work. On those days when going through the motions feels like the only way to get to your lunch break, resist the urge to zone out. Instead, think about the end customer or client who, in some small way, will benefit from what you’re doing in that moment. Tell a colleague that you appreciate their contributions to a project or offer to pitch in where you can help. And if your dream job is still further down the road on your $Lifeline, focus on cultivating the present skills, experiences, and accomplishments that are going to help you excel in the future.  


  1. Spend thoughtfully. 


Automating parts of our finances can help us make sure that the bills get paid, the power stays on, and the 401(k) gets matched. But if too much of your spending is on autopilot, you might be missing out on ways to get more from your money. 


From sustained charitable giving strategies to planning for a big family vacation, our Life-Centered Planning process can help you enjoy today while securing your long-term financial goals. Make an appointment and let’s talk about creating more memorable moments for you and your loved ones.  




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