Advice for New Grads

How have employer expectations for entry level jobs changed in the last 10 to 15 years? Just in time for graduation season, the article below gives some great advice for those just starting out in the careers (in case you are attending a party or two).


With most routine tasks (such as data entry) now automated, new hires into entry level roles will be expected to perform more sophisticated tasks earlier in their careers, and often with less training. As a result, development of soft skills (such as customer interactions, writing and listening) is seen as critical to success . Gone are the days when new hires could simply shadow their superiors for a year or two, as the thinning of the middle management ranks have left managers with more direct reports, and little bandwidth for training.


One positive to impart on recent graduates: while more will be expected of them immediately, those successful in their roles will also be able to climb the ranks that much faster as they benefit from the early hands-on experience.


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