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How much for a sandwich? Try $90,000 in lost savings
USA Today 6-8-17

Why your 401(k) can be a cash drain
USA Today 5-25-17

Collins, Reed worry New York State would lose under Trump tax plan
Buffalo News 4-28-17

Turn millennials' Social Security fears into savings
Financial Planning 12-13-16

Don't let Social Security fears hurt planning efforts
Financial Planning 12-12-16

Election over, advisers plan their next moves with clients
InvestmentNews 11-9-16

Should personal planners charge for advising on employer plans?
OnWallStreet 8-5-16

The right fit: Choosing the appropriate annuity
Financial Planning 8-4-16

Another Voice: Many investors are betting against SolarCity
Buffalo News 5-17-16

State's slow-starting promise of tax cuts will be good for taxpayers - eventually
Buffalo News 4-8-16

State's tax cut 'better than nothing,' but it won't go far
Buffalo News 4-1-16

You're probably losing money by overpaying taxes
New York Post 3-19-16

SolarCity Stock Drops
WBEN 2-10-16

The Market Selloff: What Should Retirees Do Now?
Kiplinger 1-8-16

With Fed nearing a rate hike, what could it mean to your wallet?
The Buffalo News 12-4-15

3 Macabre Money Moves That Make You Look Ghoulish
Bankrate.com 10-23-15

Local Investors Stay Calm in Face of Stock Market Sell-Off
The Buffalo News 8-24-15

Strong American Dollar Could Mean Big Bargains Across The Border
WIVB 8-14-15 

Stocks Beat Lottery if You're in It to Win It
New York Post 2-15-15

Tighten Your Belt for a Fatter Retirement
New York Post 1-17-15




The Sandwich Generation & Why Parents Need To Be Willing To Cut Financial Ties
CBS Radio Chicago - WBBM

WBEN Radio 1-22-17

Not On Board With Tesla/Panasonic Deal
WBEN Radio 12-27-16

SolarCity May Not See Light of Day
WBEN Radio 9-8-16

Tesla/Solar City Merger Mulled
WBEN Radio 6-23-16

Key Buffalo Billion investment SolarCity loses more than 25% of stock value
WBFO Radio 2-11-16

GOP Debate on Economy
WBEN Radio 10-28-15

Assessing the Market Mayhem
WBEN Radio 8-24-15




 New year, new president, what does it all mean for your wallet?
WIVB 1-2-17

High public debt and the future
WIVB 11-1-16

Panasonic Deal Key To SolarCity's Future
WGRZ 10-17-16

Social Security: Deciding when to take retirement benefits
WIVB 9-21-16

Shoring up Social Security over the long haul
WIVB 9-20-16

Social Security's challenging financial future
WIVB 9-19-16

Tesla makes $2.6 billion bid for SolarCity
WIVB 8-1-16

What the "BREXIT" vote means in Western New York
WKBW TV 6-24-16

Does SolarCity's plummeting stock price portend trouble for its Buffalo plant?
WGRZ TV 2-11-16

State stands by SolarCity as company stocks slump
WKBW TV 2-10-16

What's happening to the stock market and why?
WKBW TV 1-20-16

Gas under $2 finally reaches Buffalo
WIVB TV 1-15-16

Schumer threatens to oppose Key Bank, First Niagara deal
WIVB TV 10-30-15

Local financial experts: 'Don't panic' over Dow
WKBW TV 8-24-15




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Ogorek featured in Medical Economics Best Financial Advisors for Doctors

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