TEdec Is Partnering With Ogorek Wealth Management LLC
To Revolutionize Trust Accounting


TEdecXpress is a giant step forward in trust accounting software, eliminating at least 90% of the time you spend manually inputting brokerage transactions.

  • Imagine the time savings
  • Imagine expanding your profit margins with less work
  • Imagine growing your client base without adding any overhead

Time is money. However, your time savings does not stop with TEdecXpress.


Ogorek Unlocks The Power Of TEdecXpress

By delivering import-ready CSV files to our secure portal, we eliminate your need to:

  • Log into each of your trust accounts monthly to create an import-ready CSV file
  • Reset forgotten passwords or deal with two-factor authentication hassles
  • Deal with multiple custodians and their unique file conventions

That’s why Ogorek is the official wealth management partner of TEdecXpress.


Charles Schwab is the recommended Independent Third Party Custodian

  • Ogorek has maintained a 30 year relationship with Schwab institutional through their “Schwab Advisor Services” division, dedicated to serving independent advisory firms
  • TEdecXpress has developed software specifically designed to automate the import of Schwab brokerage transactions
  • Schwab dominates the custodial market for independent Registered Investment Advisors, with close to $5 Trillion in assets

TEdecXpress Only

  1. Log into each individual account to download transactions (instructions will vary by custodian).
  2. Most custodians require two-factor authentication with a code sent to your mobile phone (if you remember your password in the first place). Enter code for each account.
  3. Some custodians will not be supported by TEdecXpress.
  4. Format each transaction file, if supported (requirements will vary by custodian).
  5. Import files into TEdec.

Better Results:

  • Logging into each account is time consuming
  • Formatting spreadsheets is a headache
  • Not all of your custodial relationships are supported by TEdecXpress
  • Profits left on the table

Ogorek + TEdecXpress Solution

  1. Access all of your accounts in our secure client portal, with just ONE password.
  2. Point and click to access import-ready files.
  3. Import files into TEdec.

Best Results:

  • Saves the most time
  • Eliminates unnecessary hassles
  • No additional costs
  • Maximizes profits