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A list of apps that are helpful for clients who like to plan in advance:


Skyscanner - easily searches for and books flights.

Localeur - if you are traveling domestically, Localeur provides recommendations from locals about where to go and what to do while in their city.


Moviepass - unlimited movies in theaters for $30 a month.


Brainscape - is a platform for digital flashcards that can help you learn subjects as diverse as Spanish, basic physics and bartending.

Duolingo - similiar to Brainscape; a good way to study on a foreign language.


AARP provides a suite of apps to retirees or those approaching retirement, many of them quite useful. The flagship app (which is listed in the app store simply as AARP) is full of news, tips and ephemera that will be of interest to baby boomers.

Let us know if there is an app that you find particularly useful that we should share with others.

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