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Print Media 

Turn millennials' Social Security fears into savings 
Financial Planning 12-13-16                                                                                                                       

Don't let Social Security fears hurt planning efforts 
Financial Planning 12-12-16

Election over, advisers plan their next moves with clients 
InvestmentNews 11-9-16

Should personal planners charge for advising on employer plans? 
OnWallStreet 8-5-16

The right fit: Choosing the appropriate annuity 
Financial Planning 8-4-16

Another Voice: Many investors are betting against SolarCity 
Buffalo News 5-17-16

State's slow-starting promise of tax cuts will be good for taxpayers - eventually 
Buffalo News 4-8-16

State's tax cut 'better than nothing,' but it won't go far 
Buffalo News 4-1-16

You're probably losing money by overpaying taxes 
New York Post 3-19-16

SolarCity Stock Drops 
WBEN 2-10-16

The Market Selloff: What Should Retirees Do Now? 
Kiplinger 1-8-16

Radio Interviews


Print Media 

With Fed nearing a rate hike, what could it mean to your wallet?
The Buffalo News 12-4-15

3 Macabre Money Moves That Make You Look Ghoulish
Bankrate.com 10-23-15

Local Investors Stay Calm in Face of Stock Market Sell-Off
The Buffalo News 8-24-15

Strong American Dollar Could Mean Big Bargains Across The Border
WIVB 8-14-15 

Stocks Beat Lottery if You're in It to Win It
New York Post 2-15-15

Tighten Your Belt for a Fatter Retirement
New York Post 1-17-15

Radio Interviews


Print Media 

Hot Fund Takes Wrong Turn 
The Wall Street Journal 12-28-14

How the Holiday Bonus Is Finally Making a Comeback 
New York Post 12-28-14

Worthy of Respect: Most Admired Companies in WNY for 2014
Buffalo Business First 12-19-14

Advisers Give Japan Stocks a Second Look
The Wall Street Journal 11-28-14

How to Plan for a Divorce
The Wall Street Journal 9-6-14

'Dilbert' Cartoonist Skewers Advisors 
InsuranceNewsNet.com 8-7-14

Investors Overdo Red, White and Blue 
The Wall Street Journal 8-4-14

Practice Profile: Anthony Ogorek 
NAPFA Advisor Magazine June 2014

Retired, But Still Working: Why? 
WBEN Online 9-16-14

Nontraditional Bond Funds Raise Concerns 
The Wall Street Journal 5-8-14

Gabelli Has NFG in His Cross Hairs 
The Buffalo News 5-4-14

Baby Boomers Choosing Reverse Mortgages Over Retirement Plans 
New York Post 3-29-14

Financial Education Key to Retirement 
Buffalo Business First 2-19-14

Radio Interviews

Saving for Retirement 
WBEN Radio 6-9-14

NYS Ranks As Worst For Retirees 
WBEN Radio 5-6-14

What May Happen to Ralph Wilson’s Estate 
WBEN Radio 3-26-14

TV Interviews

Schumer Wants Investigation into High Airfares
WGRZ TV 12-15-14


In Local Stocks This Year, the Bulls Ran Wild 
The Buffalo News 12-28-13

Growth at Any Cost Proved Quite Costly at First Niagara 
The Buffalo News 3-24-13

It's an All-Time High for Dow, but "People Aren't Feeling Great" 
The Buffalo News 3-6-13


Radio Interviews

Tony Ogorek on Fed Announcement 
WBEN Radio 6-19-13

Tony Ogorek on First Niagara CEO John Koelmel's Resignation 
WBEN Radio 3-19-13

Tony Ogorek on Market Making Waves 
WBEN Radio 3-6-13

Tony Ogorek on Whether Rally Can Continue 
WBEN Radio 1-2-13


Is Quality of Life an Afterthought? 
MD Preferred Physician Services 3-21-12

Fed Puts the "Arm" on America 
Financial Advice Network 2-4-12

TV Interviews

Student Loan Interest Rates Could Double 
WGRZ TV 6-25-12


Hold on for a Rocky Ride 
The Buffalo News 12-25-11

Pressure on Congress Will Heighten Over the Next Year 
The Buffalo News 11-26-11

Officials Target College Financial Aid Letters 
Yahoo Finance 10-25-11

Apple Co-Founder's Legacy Offers Lessons for Us All 
The Buffalo News 10-13-11

Student Groans 
New York Post 10-9-11

Financial Illiteracy in Candidates Threatens Us All 
The Buffalo News 9-7-11

For the Recently Widowed, Some Big Financial Pitfalls to Avoid 
The New York Times 9-2-11

Financial Pecking Order 
The Buffalo News 8-22-11

Advisers React to Expanding Fiscal Crisis 
The Buffalo News 8-9-11

Money Gurus Offer "Do Nothing" Advice 
The Buffalo News 7-29-11

Almost Touching the Debt Ceiling 
The Buffalo News 7-10-11

State Tax Benefits for Same-Sex Couples 
WGRZ Online 7-6-11

Are the Governor's Achievements Less Than They Seem? 
The Buffalo News 6-29-11

Ogorek Takes Seat on National Board 
Buffalo Business First 6-21-11

NAPFA Elects Three National Board Members 
Financial Advisor Magazine 6-8-11

Kids Should Contribute to the Common Good 
The Buffalo News 5-19-11

Tax Refunds: Use Them Wisely 
Third Age 4-3-11

Tax Refund: Save, Invest, or Fritter it Away? 
USA Today 3-25-11

Study Says Teens Lack $$$ Smarts 
New York Post 3-20-11

Young Need to Get a Financial Life Early 
The Buffalo News 3-20-11

Are We the Problem with Federal Budget Deficits? 
The Buffalo News 3-5-11

Once Bitten, Twice Bold: Look Who's Buying Stocks Now 
The Wall Street Journal 2-26-11

Your Financial Plan Depends on Your Life Stage Now, Not Your Age 
USA Today 2-25-11

Radio Interviews

More on Markets 
WBEN Radio 9-12-11

Watching Wall Street 
WBEN Radio 8-8-11

Wall Street Drop 
WBEN Radio 8-3-11

Budget Impasse 
WBEN Radio 7-26-11

Tony Ogorek Recaps the Week's Trading 
WBEN Radio 4-22-11

Wall Street Woes 
WBEN Radio 3-15-11

TV Interviews

Web Extra: Loan Outlook for Consumers 
WGRZ TV 8-8-11

What the US Credit Rating Downgrade Really Means 
WGRZ TV 8-9-11

State Tax Benefits for Same-Sex Couples 
WGRZ TV 7-6-11


Thank You, New York, for a Job Very Well Done 
The Buffalo News 12-25-10

WNY Stock Values Climb in 2010 
Buffalo Business First 12-10-10

Voters Look for Magic Rather Than Mathematics 
The Buffalo News 10-22-10

7 Secrets to a Richer Retirement 
CNN Money 9-22-10

Forbes Ranks Buffalo Bills #33 on Most Valuable Team List 
WGRZ Online 7-24-10

Teens -- Start Saving Early and Often 
New York Post 6-20-10

The Law of Unintended Consequences Explains A Lot 
The Buffalo News 4-23-10


I No Longer Love New York, and Here's Why 
The Buffalo News 12-30-09

Public Companies Take Stock 
Buffalo Business First 12-17-09

Bills are Run Like General Motors 
The Buffalo News 10-7-09

Stocks Down, Up in Obama's 1st 100 Days 
Buffalo Business First 4-27-09

Stock Market Recovery Likely Will Be Years in the Making 
USA Today 3-8-09

AFC Win Not Good for Market 
Buffalo Business First 2-2-09


Recession Puts Wise Advice in High Demand 
The Buffalo News 12-29-08

Area Investment Advisers Cautiously Optimistic 
The Buffalo News 12-28-08

Living Within Your Means Will Pay Off 
The Buffalo News 10-1-08

WNY Banks Respond to 'Financial' Tsunami 
Buffalo Business First 9-22-08

The Party is Coming to an End 
The Buffalo News 9-21-08

Debt Instruments -- Fool's Gold or Remedy to a Slump? 
Financial Times 5-4-08

Steady Funds for Unsteady Times 
CNN Money 4-28-08

Options Cited for Cash Needs 
The Buffalo News 3-3-08

M&T Woes Indicative of Mortgage Industry Bust 
Buffalo Business First 1-17-08


Honey, Did I Mention I Retired Yesterday? 
CNN Money 6-25-07


2006: Crystal Ball is Cloudy 
Buffalo Business First 10-10-05


Scandals Taint 401(k) Retirement Programs 
Buffalo Business First 7-22-02

Orchestrating Success 
Buffalo Business First 12-16-02

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