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Money Maturity

This week we met with a couple who just completed their one year anniversary of working with our firm. I asked if their lives had changed much since they began using our services. Their answers were surprising.

To give you some background, “Jack” decided to retire while “Jill” continues to work, not necessarily for economic reasons, but because she finds her work fulfilling. The biggest change that Jack noticed is that he is now able to concentrate on things that he enjoys, rather than activities that were his traditional responsibility.

They both agreed that Jack’s stress level was noticeably lower, a fact that both of them appreciated. Jack admitted that retiring from his job was only part of the transition to the next phase of his life. He found it enlightening to examine the role his traditional responsibilities, such as managing the family finances, contributed to his happiness. In Jack’s case, there were other things he preferred to do. Jack’s decision to download that responsibility on to our firm demonstrated what we like to call money maturity.

Many people feel that money takes priority over their personal happiness. They would rather perform unpleasant tasks than pay someone else to do them. Why? Because it saves them money and after all, isn't that what life is all about? Accumulating more money.

People with money maturity understand that money is a tool to help make life more enjoyable and interesting, not just an end in itself. Having a healthy relationship with your money means that you understand the balance between the journey and the destination. This is as good a time as ever to examine whether your unwillingness to spend money is causing undue stress in your life.

You are the client, not your money. This distinction lies at the heart of how we view the relationship we enjoy with our clients. From the very beginning, we have aspired to make a difference in each of our clients’ lives by helping them find their unique balance in life. To get started, call 716.626.5000.

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