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Over my career as a financial advisor I have seen a number of people who could be characterized as financially imprisoned. They have found themselves in a place that they want to escape from, and blame a lack of money for their plight. While finances may indeed be a component in their struggle for a better life, in many cases financial considerations are not the primary driver.

Change entails risk and, admit it or not, many people are risk averse. To say it another way, they are more comfortable with the devil they know, than the devil they do not. Many of us admire the results of an intelligently undertaken risk, yet would never consider undertaking a risk in the first place. If you are risk averse yet long for a better quality of life, here are some tips that may help the process of self-improvement along.

Take a look at your budget. If you are considering a change in career, on paper see what you think you can do without. Chances are that a job in a new field will pay less than your current position. Next, look at how you spend your time. Rich or poor, we all have the same allotment of time. What can you do now to prepare yourself for your next career move?

If you are unhappy, why not discuss your feelings with your partner or your children if they are older. Perhaps you have been sacrificing to give them a better life when all along they never asked you to make that sacrifice. Having an honest conversation with your loved ones may give you the support to finally consider your own personal jailbreak.

Facing change is never easy. However, looking back on a life filled with a lot of wasted opportunities is no walk in the park either. It is never too late to turn your life around.

You are the client, not your money. This distinction lies at the heart of how we view the relationship we enjoy with our clients. From the very beginning, we have aspired to make a difference in each of our clients’ lives by helping them find their unique balance in life. To get started, call 716.626.5000.

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