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How We Help

Our dedication to making the client our first priority has set us apart from other firms in our industry over the years. We take the time to get to know our clients, and what is important to them. We assist our clients in developing a financial plan that incorporates their values, needs, and wants in order to reach their financial goals. From there, we partner with them to help navigate life's changes and challenges, and live the best life possible.


Our firm has helped high performing, driven professionals serving the WNY community over the past 30+ years; including but not limited to business owners, entrepreneurs, and physicians, both working and retired. We work both locally and remotely with our clients and their families as their lives evolve, and move to other areas of the country. As a result, we have expanded our network and offer our services nationwide. 

Many of our clients managed their own finances until they were faced with the press of time in their busy lives. They recognized the time had come to partner with an advisor to help them navigate life's changes and challenges.

We also work with a number of clients that originally came in looking for a second opinion and then realized that our planning and investment philosophy aligned well with theirs. These clients recognized that by partnering, they could maximize their potential for achieving their greatest life possible.


Successful financial planning and investing are much more than crunching numbers, listening to popular opinion, and understanding the latest market trends. As much as people need to know about financial markets, investments and wealth accumulation strategies, they also need to know about themselves. Read on as we share a few client stories and how we have worked with clients over the years to address some of their behavioral tendencies that may be keeping them from realizing their goals, and in the process help them act in their own best interest, and make sound financial decisions.