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Who We Are


Time and money are both finite resources. Business owners and professionals need the time to focus on their customers, clients, patients, and their families. We are sensitive to the time constraints of high-performance clients and we strive to deliver a high-tech, yet high-touch experience.
Ogorek - FT 300 Top Financial Advisers Ranked 2016


Physicians typically do not have the time to plan for their future. High income earners think that there will always be next year. Decades easily go by without a concrete plan for the future.

Most “advisors” want to sell you a product to address these concerns. We offer a transparent, proven process that you can understand and trust. We are fiduciaries who have a legal responsibility to look out for your best interests at all times. We have dedicated a significant part of our practice to working with physicians.  As a result we have developed innovative strategies to ensure that our physician clients experience improved financial health after the first few months of working with us.

Whether you are looking for your first advisor, or a second opinion, we are interested in learning more about you. Call us today at 716.626.5000 to schedule a complimentary meeting.



Financial Planning Fundamentals For Medical Practitioners [Assets between $100,000 - $250,000]

  • Management of all investable assets
  • Access to investment portal
  • Cash management and budgeting
  • Debt management
  • Review of employee benefit plans
  • Access to our planners by email or phone
  • Inital meeting plus (2) 45 minute meetings by web/phone or office
  • Minimum fee of $600 per quarter

Emerging Wealth Management [Assets between $250,000 - $500,000]

  • This level of service builds on Financial Planning Fundamentals
  • Annual net worth statement (to measure annual growth)
  • Tax management
  • Credit counseling
  • Rent vs. buy decisions
  • Insurance analysis

[*OWM generally requires a minimum assets under management of $500,000. OWM, in its sole discretion, may charge a lesser investment management fee and/or reduce or waive its annual minimum investment based upon certain criteria (i.e. anticipated future earning capacity, anticipated future additional assets, dollar amount of assets to be managed, related accounts, account composition, negotiations with Client, etc.).]


Ogorek - MD Preferred Financial Advisor Ogorek - ASCLEPIUS ADVISOR Ogorek - Top Financial Advisers Financial Times 2016