MarketWatch Interview: “Might A Financial Advisor Cost $500 An Hour?”


Utilize Your Career Talents On A Corporate Or Nonprofit Board

The lifetime of experience you’ve accumulated in your career doesn’t become any less valuable once you’ve retired. Many seniors turn to part-time jobs, volunteer positions, tutoring, and mentorship to stay sharp, stay active, connect, and give back in retirement.   However, folks who have more specialized, executive-level experience might find the best use for their… Read more »

How A Couple Can Get The Best Return On Life When Retiring At Different Times

Married couples don’t always plot retirement on the same $Lifeline point. According to a recent study by Fidelity, 43% of couples disagree about what age they plan on retiring. For other folks, circumstances like an unexpected job loss or health issue push spouses onto separate retirement schedules.   When one spouse retires and the other… Read more »