A Dream Is Not A Plan

Recently, we began working with a husband and wife who have created a successful business comprised of a collection of commercial real estate properties.


Their business has a fair level of complexity, and the husband is really the only one who understands the ins and outs of the operation. He has existing relationships with professional advisors, however, it seems as though none of them are working together as a team.


When we examined their situation further, we realized they had more of a dream than a plan. The client’s strategy was to make a killing on the eventual sale of the properties, however, they had no strategy for accomplishing that goal.


Here’s the difference between a DREAM and a PLAN.

Differences between a dream and a plan

In the course of working with our new client, we uncovered other issues, such as outdated estate documents, and even identified a weak link in their team of professionals. We were able to work with their attorney to successfully update all of their documents and coordinate their professionals so that all of us began to function like a team.


In our experience working with business owners, we know that the business often consumes all of their bandwidth; personal financial matters frequently can take a back seat. Just because the business works now doesn’t mean that it will in the future. Do you have a dream for the future of your business, or do you have a plan?  At Ogorek, we help turn your dreams into an achievable plan for the future.



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Ogorek Wealth Management, LLC

Ogorek Wealth Management, LLC