Return On Residence

Having a high return on residence isn’t necessarily about living in a state with the best weather, or lowest taxes. It is about spending your time in a place which will give you the highest quality of life.


Connectivity is a core element to a successful retirement. Why retire and immediately move to where you have no social connections? It may make sense for many retirees to spend more time near their loved ones.


If you would like to relocate, spend some time exploring the culture and geography before you make any moves. We have found that those who successfully relocate in retirement have gone on multiple trips for up to a few months at a time before deciding to relocate.


Do you feel comfortable aging in your home, or are there other living arrangements that may be more practical? Wearables and diagnostic testing has made it easier for people to age at home. It is important that the layout of your home offers you the ability to age in place safely.


At different stages of your life, your wants and needs will change. It’s important to continue considering your options and making choices that will lead to the greatest best of life.


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