More Retirees are Choosing to Leave Fast-Paced Cities for a Better Quality of Life

Consider These Questions Before Making the Move


Housing is a large item on any person’s budget.  But folks about to leave the workforce, or who have left, need to be especially thoughtful about how their living situation is going to impact their financial plan – especially if they’re contemplating a big move.


Could leaving behind the hustle and bustle of a big city improve your Return on Life? Before you start packing up, ask yourself these four important questions:


How will you fill your days?

Traffic, street noise, crowds, pricey restaurants and shopping – yes, city life can be exhausting.  But cities also provide tremendous opportunities to stay stimulated, connected with other people, and curious.


Also, what are the all-in costs of moving? Not just the difference in what a pizza costs, but the differences in taxes, insurance, health care? What about the cost of hiring a realtor and getting a lifetime of stuff from here to there?


What is wrong with home now?

Change can be good. The retired couple that’s always wanted to live on the beach prepping to relocate to Florida might be following a long-term dream for their family.


But there are certain things about your living situation that change can’t “fix”.  If you’ve become too much of a homebody since retirement, you need to put more thought into creating a schedule that revolves around your passions, your skills, and the people you love.  Is moving going to help you do that?  Or will you feel even more isolated in a new place?


Will it be difficult to visit loved ones?

Our friends and family round out our golf foursomes. They attend our weekly dinner parties. They meet us for lunch on short notice. And they are our first line of support during life’s major transitions.


Who is going to fill those roles for you if you move? Are you moving closer to your loved ones? Or so far away that you could be in danger of losing touch?


What makes you happy?

They say home is where your heart is. Ultimately, where you live should make your heart feel full. And as your life changes, your definition of fulfillment might change along with it.


Do you anticipate a major move somewhere in your future? Let’s plot that transition on your Lifeline and discuss how we can start planning ahead together.


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