10 Ways We Spend Our Lives Waiting

The author of this week’s featured article is newly retired from a 40-year career in nursing. She makes the case that we spend much of our precious time waiting. What are we waiting for?


She realizes that retirement is here and she wants to use the time remaining to do more. She refers to retirees as “an empowered lot, brimming with knowledge and life experiences they are open and willing to share. They are active members of their community, volunteering or engaging in part-time jobs. They are mentors to the young, where their professional prowess in business or engineering is shared. They are engaging in social events, traveling in groups, ensuring they are not alone.”


An empowered retirement starts with a plan. However, we understand that retirement is more than just dollars and a date. Our retirement coaching process helps you visualize your future and will hopefully inspire you to live your retirement like Faye DeCaro, and use your time to do more!


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